How long does it take to study for the PANCE or PANRE?

How long does it take to study for the PANCE or PANRE?

I don’t think there is a correct answer that would fit everyone. Some can just sit, take and pas s the exam, never cracking a book.  Some study a little, some make it a life obsession for 3 months. Whatever your style, here is some tables that crunch some numbers and give you an idea.

The first table has all blueprint topics and an estimated time it would take to cover each section. I am using 20 min per topic as my time variable.
Ie 20 min x 60 topics in cardiology = 1200 minutes /60 = 20 hours.
Also note that I just averaged out the number of topics per section to easy numbers for the math.

To see the blueprint for yourself and/or print it click this link. NCCPA “become certified” page

The total time for the above chart is 196 hours.

The second table below then shows you how long it takes to cover 200 hours ( I rounded the 194 hours up) which is roughly the time it will take to do each blueprint topic once. It all averages out as some topics you need to cover many times and some only once.

study time

Depending on your knowledge level, background and ability to retain information this could be less or more time needed. Use of review courses in person or online can speed up the process significantly.

Anyways, just a small post to maybe better get my fellow PA’s to see the task ahead of them, so they can properly prepare.

Hope it helps, Enjoy!

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