CARD 151

Will desmopressin (an ADH analog) successfully treat nephrogenic diabetes insipidus?

CARD 152

What lab value can assist in distinguishing hypernatremia from dehydration versus hypernatremia due to diabetes insipidus?

CARD 153

A 42 year old male presents with galactorrhea and visual changes which consist of temporal field loss. What imaging is appropriate?

CARD 154

What is the specific type of procedure used to surgically treat acromegaly from a pituitary adenoma?

CARD 155

What is the cause of 95% of acromegaly?

CARD 156

A 21 year old male who is 6’8″, has acral enlargement and a BP of 160/95 mmHg presents. What imaging study would be appropriate as part of your work up?

CARD 157

How will height be affected in an patient who develops acromegaly in adulthood?

CARD 158

How does the decreased growth hormone in pituitary dwarfism affect the growth plates?

CARD 159

What are you concerned about in a patient who has no change in ACTH levels and has increased cortisol levels on a high dose dexamethasone suppression test?

CARD 160

What is the best way to test cortisol levels in a patient with a suspect hypercortisol state?

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