CARD 151

X-ray showing dilated large intestine and a large amount of stool in the sigmoid colon in an elderly patient is most likely represents what disorder?

CARD 152

What is the most common location for a large bowel obstruction?

CARD 153

What would be the expected findings on KUB in a patient with a mechanical obstruction?

CARD 154

What is the most common cause of mechanical obstruction in a patient with history of abdominal surgery?

CARD 155

A patient undergoes a barium study of the colon and an ?Apple core? lesion is found. What do you suspect?

CARD 156

What is the most common type of colon cancer?

CARD 157

A 17 year old presents with abdominal pain, bloating, flatulence, and diarrhea after ingesting dairy. What is the test used to make the diagnosis?

CARD 158

What lab antibodies would likely be positive in a patient with Celiac sprue?

CARD 159

Celiac sprue is an abnormal immune response to what food product?

CARD 160

What are the fat-soluble vitamins?

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