CARD 152

What lab tests are positive in a patient with ankylosing spondylitis?

CARD 153

A 24 year old male has chronic joint and back pain. His X-ray reveals a bamboo spine what is your diagnosis?

CARD 154

When is the onset of scoliosis commonly noted?

CARD 155

What is the best way to test a child for scoliosis?

CARD 155

What is the most common extra pulmonary site of tuberculosis and what deformity is noted?

CARD 156

What are the complications of severe kyphosis in the elderly?

CARD 157

What is the treatment for cauda equina syndrome?

CARD 158

A 67 year old male presents with urinary incontinence, low back pain with radiculopathy, ataxia and leg weakness. What is your suspected diagnosis?

CARD 159

A patient with Brown-Sequard syndrome will have loss of sensation to pain and temperature on which side?

CARD 160

What is the syndrome that results from traumatic hemi-section of the spinal cord?

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