CARD 152

How will idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis present on CT scan?

CARD 153

Which of the following pneumoconiosis have an increased risk of contracting tuberculosis?

CARD 154

What is the diagnosis if a patient presents with pulmonary fibrosis and an extensive history and workup does not reveal a cause?

CARD 155

Which pneumoconiosis has an eggshell calcification look on chest x-ray?

CARD 156

What pneumoconiosis presents like sarcoidosis and is due to a work environment in ceramics, nuclear power or as a tool maker?

CARD 157

Where does mesothelioma appear in the lung?

CARD 158

What lung cancer is associated with asbestosis?

CARD 159

What is a normal blood pressure in the lungs?

CARD 160

What two classes of pulmonary hypertension are treated with warfarin?

CARD 161

What medication is the mainstay of long-term treatment for group 4 pulmonary hypertension or pulmonary embolus?

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