CARD 151

ear old male has recurrent dysuria and urinary frequency which has not improved with antibiotics. What underlying condition do you suspect?

CARD 152

Urinary incontinence associated with activity is called what type of incontinence?

CARD 153

What antibiotics are indicated for the treatment of chlamydia and gonorrhea?

CARD 154

Elevation of the testicles will not relieve the pain in which condition?

CARD 155

By what age should a males testicles be descended into the scrotum?

CARD 156

A 20 year old male presents with an enlarged, firm, non-tender testicular mass. What underlying condition do you suspect?

CARD 157

What reflex is absent in a patient with testicular torsion?

CARD 158

A 24 year old male on examination of the testicles is found to have a “bag of worms” on the right side. What is the underlying condition?

CARD 159

A painless unilateral swelling of the testicle that transilluminates is what disease condition?

CARD 160

What viral condition can cause orchitis in a young male child?

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